The Mystery Bag

The Mystery Bag

Allow us to introduce you to the Mystery Bag.

It's not literally a bag but it is a mysterious Mint Plus Plus mailer filled with randomly selected goods at a nice discount. If you like surprises, saving a little coin, and you respect the sanctity of "no requests/no swaps", the Mystery Bag might just be for you.

Every Mystery Bag includes:

- Two randomly selected pins
- Two randomly selected stickers
- Two randomly selected buttons
- Two randomly selected packs of sealed vintage trading cards

This is a great 'starter kit' for new collectors and a great gift for friends who enjoy getting rad stuff in the mail like curation boxes.

No requests or swaps! This is a mystery bag. Embrace the experience. If you get something that isn't your favorite, give it to a pal!

Note: Each enamel pin is colored and produced by hand. There may be light signs of handling, imperfections, or variations.